Online store for the sale of wear with discount.

The main project goal is synchronize goods store data from MYSTORE system with online shop website.

About project

Client's background

The client has a few offline shops in idfferent cities. And big store for goods. All operations with goods is tracking by MYSTORE system

Business challenge

All databases filling should be only in MYSTORE. Online store database has to updates automaticaly by using MYSTORE API.


Added additional functional to online store OPENCART system

  • Auto upload goods from MYSTORE (images, information, price, count in store)
  • Auto update googs status from MYSTORE (images, information, price, count in store)
  • Update goods status after ordering, buying, delivering
  • Setup cron scripts that upload a little part of data every 5 min. In this way online store will not have problem with productivity.

All goods update nearly in 5-6 hours evey day



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