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Kuna AMP emails

Providing the AMP emails for the Kuna company

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Customer background

The customer had a working crypto-website that send more than 100 000 emails per month by using the postmak

Business challenge

  • Business needs to get feedback from clients by using a questionnaire. Google Form is not comfortable to get the feedback quick and easy for the user because the user needs to go to another website and fill the form there.
  • AMP emails need to resolve this and clients will send the feedback faster and more comfortable (from inbox)
  • The emails need to send from the Sendpulse service that supports AMP.


  • Were developed two AMP letters for getting feedback from clients and two HTML emails if AMP is not supported.
  • Developed the custom server with REST API that works with the AMP requests.
  • Since APM is not supported for all inboxes the server has a few HTML pages with the feedback forms.
  • All feedbacks save in Google Sheets.