The eccomerce platform for selling plumbing products

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Customer background

Family business, client has 2 offline stores and more than 1500 goods. The business has never been working thought the internet

Business challenge

  • Customer wants to increase sells throught the internet. To do this they need to create online store and step by step push business to online way.
  • For the beginning, customer needs basic functionality of online store. Then to do API integration with other eccomerce platforms for getting clients.


  • Have developed a layout. The design was provided by customer (PSD layout).
  • Have integrated a layout to Opencart system. Have created additional pages that weren’t in layout.
  • Have checked opencart functionality. We have simplified cart logic. It helps clients buy easier.
  • Payment and deliery systems integration.
  • Register online store in google services and relevant platforms, that can help clients to find them.



Dmitro Kozachek, Executive Director

When I decided to create a store, I turned to Front&Back. At that moment, I did not have a clear understanding of what the first steps should be taken to sell on the Internet. Based on my budget, they helped me decide on a strategy that gives me results currently. I appreciate our cooperation because people in Front&Back understands the needs of my business and this contributes to more productive work, communication, and understanding

Dmitro Kozachek,Executive Director