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Education platform - Mine Risk Education course for instructors

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Ukrainian Deminers Association

Customer background

Ukrainian Deminers Association (UDA) — national nongovernmental non-profit organization . The main purpose of this organization is to solve state problems in the field of mine action.

Business challenge

  • COVID-19 disable the opportunities to work offline. So, the goal is to move education training to the online platform.
  • The platform should be extendable and works well with more than 100 people on platform at the same time.


  • Provided the UI/UX design.
  • The Front&Back offered to use Google Firebase service for developing the platform.
  • Firebase includes Registration, Authorization, Database, Filestore, Hosting, and cloud functions and easy to extend if performance is up.
  • Also, Firebase provides a quick start for the project.
  • The testing after the course on the platform uses automatic calculation and question random logic.
  • The content and user activity control from the admin dashboard.


The education platform started at 1st of October. And currently, on 23 October, 63 teachers have finished the Mine Risk Education course.




 Tymur Pistriuha, Executive Director

Thanks to the efforts of the Front&Back team, approximately 200 teachers have used the platform and produced 60 certificates which was the goal that the company wanted to achieve. The team was able to solve 90% of all the technical questions that arose during the project.

Tymur Pistriuha,Executive Director