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Website & Landing Pages Development for IT Outsourcing Company

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Customer background

The customer has an IT company that focuses on embedded development (30+ developers).

The website generates traffic by using blog pages.

Business challenge

  • The customer requires a redesigned website. The new website should be faster and friendly for the users.
  • Redesign the old website. Make it modern and new.
  • The website should have a WordPress CMS for editing content and be friendly with the search robots. All URLs, SEO tags should be saved.


  • The best solution for this website is a Frontity framework — a combination of the WordPress API, react.js UI, Server-side rendering.
  • The WordPress CMS uses for editing content. The content is available by using the WordPress API.
  • Frontity is friendly with SEO, analytics and has quick content loading, etc.

The previous site version was on the WordPress engine. So we didn’t develop the site from scratch. In this case, we set up the WordPress API that transfers the data to the frontity client.


As the result, we got a superfast UI.


Frontity shema. How does it work


There are 3 javascript and PHP developers who have worked on the current projects.



Daria Bimenova, Senior Marketing Manager

«Thanks to Front&Back, the collaboration has been smooth sailing. Stakeholders were impressed by the vendor’s tech expertise and knowledge. Customers can expect responsiveness, commitment, and proactiveness.»

Daria Bimenova,Senior Marketing Manager